About Us

Mehrazar Apadana Co. has embarked on its own business by establishing a dairy farm with 100 head of cattle capacity since 1961.Now with regard to geographical constraints, it has developed into1000 head of cattle and it is producing more than 14000kg of fresh milk per day. During many years by gaining lots of experiences, it has developed its business in livestock and aquatics by representing a lot of reputable companies in Iran. Mehrazar Apadana Co. is one of the best known companies in this field by importing bulls semen for artificial insemination from GGI-SPERMEX GmbH (GERMANY), INSEME (SEMENZOO ITALY) and aquatic diagnostic kits based on PCR from IQ2000 Company (TAIWAN).

Mehrazar Apadana Co. as a member of holding company like Pasouk Biological Research and Production Co. (private producing vaccines for poultry and livestock) and Pharmazand Co.(Pharmaceutical producer), is developing its own business; moreover, we are interested to offer the best quality of possible services for farmers and producers.

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