German export companies GGI and Spermex merge to GGI-Spermex GmbH

New formation of GGI-SPERMEX GmbH

The shareholders of GGI German Genetics International GmbH based in Cloppenburg and of Spermex GmbH based in Ottobrunn made the unanimous decision to merge by means of the formation of a new company at a joint inaugural meeting on April 17th 2018 at the outdoor museum “Museumsdorf” in Cloppenburg. The merger GGI-SPERMEX GmbH marks the milestone of the successful convergence of two renowned export companies of bovine genetics. Both locations in Cloppenburg and Ottobrunn will stay the same.


Both companies have been successfully operating in the field of international semen marketing for a long time. Through the newly founded GGI-SPERMEX GmbH based in Cloppenburg, the sales offer of cattle breeds is extensively extended and, therefore, prospective competitiveness will be guaranteed. Globally unique, GGI-SPERMEX GmbH offers the key breeds Holstein Frisiean, Red Holstein, Fleckvieh/Simmental and Brown Swiss with own, strong breeding programs. Furthermore, there is access via the shareholders to more than 20 other cattle breeds, e.g. Angler, Jersey as well as dual purpose and beef breeds. The shareholders of GGI-SPERMEX GmbH carry out more than 2.7 m first inseminations per year in their areas across Germany. More than 1,500 employees of the base organizations enable efficient realization of the breeding programs.

With the merger and the new formation of GGI-SPERMEX GmbH the potential of German cattle breeding will be made even greater to both our partners and dairy farms across the world.

Closely connected with the umbrella organization BRS, important committees of cattle breeding and research institutions in Germany, GGI-SPERMEX represents the entire scope of cattle breeding “Made in Germany”.

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